Sunday, January 29, 2006

faith scrapping

Maybe it sounds obvious by virtue of its name, "faith scrapping." Though faith is an intangible thing, not an object, there are, nonetheless, moments and rituals in our lives that serve to document our journey. Weddings are perhaps the most photographed (and though a sacrament, often obscured as one), and gatherings for baptisms, if not the baptism itself, may follow. How we choose to document those events, beyond the photographs themselves, becomes the challenge and the opportunity to record the journey.

Some of the layouts here are an attempt to go beyond the obvious. The layout of Katie's baptism, for instance, is less about the event itself than the significance of it. The focal picture worked well as a lead-in to talk about light, and though the journaling is brief, it captures succinctly (I hope) the power of what baptism means. There is so much more that could be said, but perhaps it is enough to begin with these few words, and let other layouts trace her journey, her wonder, her epiphanies and her engagement with God and the world he created.

The other layout here is a first stab at a page for my ABC Gratitude album. This is the "b" page, listing things for which I am grateful that begin with the letter "b." Some of them can be represented with images, and most of those that appear on the page came from my own collection. (The beach photo is courtesy of my brother!) I'm not sure that I'm entirely happy with this layout, which I put together on a deadline, but it's a start.

It's not easy to get any scrapping done these days with so much else going on, but at least now I've got a place to post my work when I can carve out some time for this passion in my life. As always, TFL! (thanks for looking...)